Have your product reached the target customers?

We take your products to the right customers in the exact location, age, gender and interest.

E-marketing promotes your offerings to the right targeted customers. E-marketing has become the most effective way to promote sales as you can target the right customer and it is very cost effective. Since you target the right customer every single penny you invest has a return on investment. We mainly focus on Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Every product has a demand, it’s all about reaching the right person at the right time. That’s where  s business take place. There are people searching daily the same product or service you offer in all leading search engines,

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords

As you see there are peaks and off peaks where people need the same product or service.

We help you to reach your business goals by promoting your product or service to the right customer

Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to target the exact customer group you are willing to offer your product or service. Unlike conventional marketing SEM allows you display your ad as a user search for the product or service you offer or you can select the exact location, age group, interest of the target customers you wish to promote your offerings.

  • Search Ads – Display your ads when users search for your product or service
  • Display – Display your ads to users who are interested in your offerings by targeting location, interest, age etc…

- You can use both to have a better reach

How to start

  • Setup your goals
  • Choose the right target market
  • Setup your ad budget  ( even with a smaller investment as 100 $ per month).


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a well developed platform to promote any business. It helps brands in a greater way to attract and retain customers as loyal customers by using the social media platform. Unlike just increasing the number of likes to a page, you can develop a strong relationship with the customers (fans) to promote sales and build a large loyal customer base.

We can take you to your goals

Platforms like Facebook allows you to target the exact target group in terms of any demographic, geographic, education, profession to income level variables and target them by their interests. We will take your product to the right customers by targeting the right group. Facebook is the most engaging platform the response for ads are always positive.

We will develop a strategy and build a fan base and keep your page active and engaging. The Facebook page will drive more traffic to your website and drive more sales.


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