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The shopping cart system is a comprehensive e-commerce solution which allows you with lots of features to promote your products in all market conditions to all type of customers.

Catalog Features

Store Front


Design is a major element to a shopping cart. The design should highlight the products to the used and convince them to purchase. Clarity and clean layout of information and making things easy for the user is the key to success.

We ensure our designs are

  • Clean and elegant
  • Responsive to all devices
  • Highlighting Key elements and offerings
  • Quick contacts and inquiry options
  • Ease of use

with features

  • Multiple Categories
  • Multiple Languages, Currencies
  • Product Filter options
  • Search and Advance Search
  • Compare products
  • Special offer banners
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The system provide all necessary options to classify the products in to details options and selling options and features

  • Product Details
    description with images
  • Options
    size, weight options and other options
  • Pricing Options
    Sale price, special price for wholesale and other customer groups
  • Inventory
    Tract stock of product availability
  • Points scheme
    Reward customers by purchasing product
  • Promotions and availability
    Run promos and limit availability for specific date range
  • Add to wishlist
    Add to wish list and purchase later
  • Share products
    Share the product in all leading social media
  • Related Products
    You can highlight products that match with the current product
  • Bundled products
    Bundle two or more products as 1 items

My Cart

The cart option allows you a range of functions to the user

  • Add , edit , delete products in the bag
  • Change currency and check the cost
  • Calculate shipping cost before checkout
  • Try coupon and discount codes
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The Shopping cart system provides a wide range of promotional options to promote products, events and marketing campaigns

  • Discounts (Price , percentage)
  • Crossed pricing (special price)
  • Seasonal Special price
  • Limited stock offers
  • Coupon codes
  • Shipping free option
  • Customer group wise discounts
  • Royalty points
  • Affiliation programs
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The shop checkout allows user a range of checkout, billing, shipping and payment choices to the user

  • Single page checkout
  • Guest or Member checkout option
  • Billing and Shipping addresses
  • Automatic shipping cost calculation
  • Choose Shipping option
  • Pay via PayPal or Credit card or other
  • Order comments
  • Order confirmation email
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Member Accounts

Registered members are given special functions wit in the shopping cart.

  • Manage profile
  • View order history
  • View order status
  • Maintain Wishlist
  • Re-order function
  • Return options
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Administration Features

Administration Dashboard

The admin panel provides you a simple and user friendly interface to manage the shopping cart. Some of the general features are

  • Admin profile management
  • Settings and Configurations
  • Catalog Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing and Promos
  • Information pages
  • Reports

Order Managementorder

The system allows you simple and easy interface to manage your orders with many useful functions

  • View and manage orders
  • Update order status
  • Export orders
  • Track orders by location
  • Track Recurring orders
  • Track Gift Vouchers

Customer Managementcusto

Allows you to manage customer information and activities

  • Manage Customer Profile
  • Customer History
  • Customer Royalty points
  • Customer groups
  • Banned IPS

Marketing and Promotionspromo

The system allows a wide range of marketing and promotional campaign options

  • Run Marketing and referral campaigns
  • Discounts, Coupons
  • Affiliation Program
  • Newsletters
  • Cross Marketing


You have access to a wide range of reports

  • Sales Report by – Orders, Coupons, Product, Customer
  • Product Reports – Wived, Purchased
  • Customer – Orders, Points,
  • Marketing – Promos, Affiliates
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